One of a kind Dual faced 18K gold and Gemstone ring


The LAUD Aspect ring offers the wearer unique choice. Designed to allow for the rotation of two differing surfaces: one showcasing an 18k gold face with handcrafted facets, the other, 189 meticulously set Rubies and Sapphires to emulate it's stained-glass inspiration.

Our creative director Awah works from a foundation of universal constructivism; with such a style, we see meticulous geometric structure within each piece. 


  • Dual rotating face

  • Ethically sourced 18k Yellow Gold

  • 43g

  • Handcrafted and polished

  • 189 Brilliant cut Sapphires and Rubies

  • Responsibly sourced from Mozambique

  • Exceptional symmetry, brilliance and polish.