LAUD was founded in 2018, with the intent of creating modernistic yet familiar works; the result is quintessential fine jewellery and objects re-imagined through the LAUD lens, with the aim of improving quality, function, comfort and relationship between object and wearer.


With a background in design, illustration and stained-glass, LAUD’s creative director and founder, Awah works from a foundation of universal constructivism; with such a style, we see meticulous geometric structure within each piece, complimented by free-flowing patterns inspired by traditional African art, stained-glass and his own roots to Ghana. 

Using only ethically sourced metals and precious stones, Jewellery and objects are designed to be robust, wearable and avant garde. All LAUD diamonds are conflict free and certified by highly respected gemmologists. 


Each LAUD piece is refined through a combination of design and production methods both old and new. What starts as an idea and detailed free hand sketch, advances in to digital adaptations and prototypes. finally, our skilled artisans work creating each individual piece, making every object unique in it's own way.